Best Backflow Incense Burners – 2023 Guide And Recommendations

Best backflow incense buners - featured image

Picking the best backflow incense burner is a great way to enjoy the visual magic. These burners are often creatively designed to allow for the smoke to flow through the burner and expand on the visual imagery. Considering these burners allow incense smoke to flow through like a liquid, they are often also called waterfall …

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Backflow Incense Cones — Detailed Guide And Recommendations

Backflow Incense Cones Detailed Guide

When picking the best backflow incense cones, it’s only natural that we consider their scent as well as their style. The unique downward-flowing smoke is the key selling point of backflow incense cones, so it’s only natural that we consider it as important as the scent itself.  What we want here is a visual allure …

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How To Light A Backflow Incense Cone? (Video Guide)

How To Light A Backflow Incense Cone - title image

Ready to indulge in the visual magic of backflow incense cones? The wonders of these cones are amazing, but lighting them can take some practice if you’re new to incense cones. So, how to light a backflow incense cone?

The method itself is simple enough, though it can take some time to get used to. It can take a few seconds to light a cone. Then, after a wait of a few more seconds, you’ll see the backflow smoke flowing.

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Can You Put Perfume In A Candle For Scent?

Can You Put Perfume In A Candle

People who are new to candle-making or those curious about candles might consider the use of perfume in a scented candle. If it’s the fragrance you want, can you put perfume in a candle for the right hit? Many of us love the scents of perfumes and getting the same out of candles can be …

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20+ Gifts For Candle Makers They Will Love

Gifts for candle makers

Finding the perfect gifts for candle makers is more than a way to show that you care. It can also represent encouragement and your support of their hobby and (or) business.  Countless people make candles as a hobby. Many people also turn their passion for making candles into a business or side hustle and sell …

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