Why Put A Candle In The Window? Facts And Traditions Explained

Why do people put a candle in the window - representation image shows a candle put in a window

There might be times when you see someone put a candle in the window. Or, maybe you’ve noticed several houses with a candle in the window when you’re out walking.  If you’ve ever wondered what it means but couldn’t find a definite answer, we’ll try to satiate your curiosity about this practice and tradition.  The …

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10 Best Lavender Candles For Stress-Busting Fragrance

10 Best Lavender Candles You'll Love

Lavender is the soothing and calming scent we can all look forward to. Sit back, relax, and enjoy its wonderful scent with the best lavender candles. And with the right ambiance and aroma, it’s only natural that we enjoy the moment. Versatile as it is, lavender isn’t beholden to a specific season. It’s one of …

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