Can You Put Out Candles With The Lid?

Blowing out candles is the most obvious way for most of us to extinguish them. But that lets out a smoky wax, which adds a bad smell to the room. Nobody wants that, and certainly not when you’re burning a scented candle. What if you buy a jar candle? Can you put out candles with the lid? 

Well, you can, but as with most things, there are some pointers to keep in mind. We want to put out the candle without a fuss while keeping the experience pleasant and smoke-free.

Let’s discuss putting out a candle with the lid and other alternatives to stifle the flame.

Putting Out Candles With The Lid: A Quick Way To Get The Job Done

Why Shouldn’t You Simply Blow The Candle With Air?

Why does how you put out a candle matter so much? Blowing out candles is effective and quick. However, this quick method is as quickly followed by smoky and unpleasant-smelling wax floating into the air. Gosh, it is so unpleasant!

Scented candles make your home ambrosial and that effect shouldn’t go away when you put out the candle. 

Using the lid to suffocate the flame feels like the better option. It gets the job done without affecting the ambiance of the room and the pleasant fragrance of scented candles lingers on.

Blowing candles can splatter the hot melted wax on the surface, which can be a terrible chore to clean. Additionally, when you blow out a candle with held-up air, burnt ashes deposit in the wax pool. These can negatively affect the scent of the candle.

Using The Lid To Put Out A Candle Could Work

Burning candle with lid

A candle lid rescues you of the annoying issues that come with blowing a candle to put it out. So can you put out candles with the lid? Yes, and it is a straightforward way to put out the candle.

Place the lid on top of the jar. You could press it down if you want, but that’s not necessary and in some cases, not recommended! When you cover the flame with the lid, it quickly uses the oxygen inside the candle and suffocates. The lid won’t allow more oxygen to enter the jar. As a result, the flame dies effortlessly on its own.

Things can work differently if you have a big jar candle (like those 18 oz candles or larger). If the candle is close to the end, using a lid to douse the candle may take a few more seconds than small-sized jars. It still works but you can try an alternative for better results.

What If My Jar Candle Doesn’t Have A Lid?

Not all jar candles come with a lid. Some are simply in glass without a lid. Or, you might have a broken lid. Delicate items are vulnerable to wear and tear and candle lids are not an exception to this. 

In such situations, look for a dish or a plate with a base larger than the opening of the jar. Place it over the mouth of the jar and let the flame die down. Let it stay on the jar for a couple of minutes, so that the wax vapor and smoke have time to settle down. 

I’d recommend metallic covers, especially those made of stainless steel for this job. Steel can handle the heat, isn’t damaged, and is easy to clean. It’s unlikely that that metal will get dangerously hot, but it’s still better to exercise caution. 

Remember not to use plastic, cardboard, or flammable substances for this job. Anything that can be damaged by the heat and smoke, should stay away from the candle. Keep in mind that this only works if the lid has a problem. If the candle jar is cracked, you’ll need to look at other options. 

This method can work to put out the candle in a pinch, but it’s not an elegant method and certainly not the best one. It might be better to use specific tools like wick dippers or candle snuffers for the job. In most cases, they are better than lids or similar contraptions. 

Keep These Points In Mind While You Put Candles With The Lid

Using a lid for extinguishing candles is an easy method. But, before you use it, take a look at these tips:

  • The lid must not be flammable.
  • Don’t use a lid with a rubber seal as it can melt with the heat.
  • Wooden lids or decorative lids are prone to damage by heat. 
  • Trapped smoke may darken the walls of the jar. 
  • The wax inside the jar gets dark with the residual soot.

By noting these safety and care tips, you can enjoy the delightful aroma of your scented candles, while preserving their fragrance and shelf life.

The role of the lid is not implicit to the benefits discussed so far but they boost the efficiency and longevity of your scented candles in many other ways. Let’s see how.

A Quick Guide – Why Do Candles Have Lids?

Many of us while buying a candle rank the scent first. Other traits like color, size, and jar come later. And, often the lid ends the race. Yet, it is an important part for any candle. It does serve cosmetic uses, but the candle lid can also be remarkably practical. 

A Fragrance Protector To Your Candle

Lids act as armor in locking the fragrance of essential oils. It creates a barrier between the scents and the air, when unlit. Therefore, when you no longer use the candle, place the lid over the jar and preserve the scent throw for a long time.

Lids Keep Away Dust And Moisture 

The dust settled over the wax gradually becomes very tough to remove and this lowers the quality of the wax, especially organic ones. It also leads to its color and scent degradation. Wicks must be clean of any dust residue to burn well. 

Moisture in the air hampers the quality of a candle. Wax can trap some moisture from the air and transfer it to the lid when burning. By covering it with a lid you prevent the moisture from seeping into the jar. 

To save your candles from dust particles and moisture, you do not have to buy something extra or indulge in any efforts. But, simply place the lid over the jar. 

Lids Save Your Candles From Tunneling

Your jar candle lid saves your candle from tunneling too. This is especially relevant for those who choose to blow on the candle to put it out. 

When you blow on a candle, sometimes the melted wax gets pushed towards the edge of the vessel. And when the wax cools down it solidifies on the edges. Thus the wick burns down to the center with unmelted wax sticking to the sides of the jar.

Alternative Methods To Putting Out The Candle

As we already discussed, using a lid is not the most elegant or even the best method to put out a candle. Conventional tools for candles work best to put them out without relying on using a lid or similar methods. 

The most commonly used options are a wick dipper and candle snuffer. As an aside, if you plan to gift a scented candle, including these tools completes the set with elegance and style.

Put Out Candles With A Wick Dipper

One of the ultimate tools for putting out a candle without blowing is using a candle wick dipper. Essentially, a wick dipper is a long metal piece that has a flat handle on one end and a thin tip with a bent hook on the other end. While there are different types and designs of wick dippers available, the principle generally remains the same.

Now how to go about using it? You hold the flat handle and bend the tip of the burning wick into the melted wax pool with the bent hook.

As you push the burning wick inside the pool of wax, it extinguishes. Don’t forget to pull the wick back in its position for using the candle the next time.

This method saves your surroundings from smoke and the resulting odor. Additionally, it gives your wick a new fresh look every time it takes a dip into the melted wax pool.

The only limitation to this method is that you have to be very careful in pulling the wick out or the wick may get broken and fall in the wax pool with its residues.

Using A Candle Snuffer To Smother Candles

Putting out a candle with a candle snuffer

A candle snuffer is usually a long metal rod with a bell-shaped appendage hanging at one end. In principle, it works similar to putting a lid on the candle jar to smother and suffocate the flame. 

To use the snuffer, you place the bell over the burning flame and wait until it extinguishes on its own. Hover it carefully over the surface of the wax, while being careful that you do not dip it under the melted wax. This disrupts the oxygen supply to the wick and the flame goes out. 

When you see a small wisp of smoke rising from the bell it means the flame has gone out. Wait for a few seconds before you remove the snuffer. This prevents the smoke from getting out. Be careful not to touch the bell immediately as it may be hot enough to burn your hands.

Candle snuffers have ascendancy over the wick dippers in one respect as they prevent the wick residue from falling into the wax pool. 

How To Put Out A Woodwick Candle?

Wood wick candles are luxury candles and quite expensive. These candles generally use a wick made from wood, so methods like dipping the wick in wax don’t work. 

It’s not a good idea to simply blow out these candles as that will cause problems with the smell and the performance of the wick. 

Snuffers are a great way to put out candles with a wooden wick. Simply cover the flame with the snuffer and let it die out. Remember to hold on for a few seconds so the wick cools and there’s no smoke to spoil the room’s scent.

If you don’t have a snuffer, consider using the jar’s lid to smother the flame. Alternatively, you could fashion a lid as described above to suffocate the flame.

4 Cool Candle Snuffers And Wick Dippers Worth A Look

When you have candle tools like wick dippers and candle snuffers available, besides the candle lids, then just light a scented candle, lie on a bed and relax. 

Let’s get into knowing a few wick dippers and snuffers that your candles will surely love and thank you for.

AimtoHome Candle Wick Dippers Candle Wick Hook

AimtoHome Candle Wick Dippers Candle Wick Hook

This candle wick hook (or wick dipper) is made from sturdy stainless steel with an attractive finish. It’s a simple tool that gets the job done without any problem. Besides, it’s a sturdy stainless steel wick hook, so you can expect it to last a very long time.

It sports a simple design, which gives a classic look to the wick dipper. AimtoHome Candle Wick Dipper is about 7.87 inches long, making it suitable for use with most candle sizes and types. 

You can use it as a gifting option for your dear ones, especially if they are candle lovers.

WICKMAN Wick Trimmer and Wick Dipper

WICKMAN Wick Trimmer and Wick Dipper

Wick dippers, trimmers, and snuffers don’t always have to be spartan or simplistic in appearance. This combination of wick trimmer and dipper from Wickman Products is quite flamboyant and colorful. 

The colorful set has a nice design and offers practical use too. The wick dipper is 8 inches long and the trimmer is 7 inches long. Wickman trimmer for this set includes a debris tray to grab hold of the cut wick and get it out, without risking any debris from the wick walling into the candle. 

RTZEN Decorative Candle Snuffer

RTZEN Decorative Candle Snuffer

Let’s discuss the Rtzen decorative candle snuffer that has a classic and aesthetic touch. It is handcrafted using wrought iron and has a sturdy handle. It’s about 12.7 inches long and works like a charm with most candle types.

Its cone-shaped design fits well over the flame and puts it out. Made from wrought iron, the snuffer has a rather interesting look. This is also a long-lasting product and you could reasonably expect it to go strong for years, if not decades. 

This candle snuffer has a disadvantage too. Being made from solid wrought iron means that it is (and feels) heavier than most other snuffers made from lighter and composite materials. 

Patelai 3 Pieces Candle Snuffer Set

Patelai 3 Pieces Candle Snuffer Set

This set offers three snuffers with distinct colors. The snuffers are made of stainless steel and are rust-resistant. The rod has a length of 9.3 inches and the overall length is 10.9 inches.

Well, the three alluring colors look bright and cheerful. The snuffers feel light and even somewhat flimsy, they can get the job done without a hitch. 

Can You Put Out Candles With The Lid? And Should You?

This article provides an in-depth view of the question can you put out candles with the lid? Putting out a candle with the lid is a convenient, clean, and quick way for extinguishing candles. Apart from this, lids serve several practical purposes on candles. Yet, putting out a candle with a lid isn’t the best option. If you use candles often, consider investing in a wick dipper or candle snuffer.

Use the ideas listed here to make your candle burning experience a cleaner, fragrant, and enjoyable experience.