Why Put A Candle In The Window? Facts And Traditions Explained

Why do people put a candle in the window - representation image shows a candle put in a window

There might be times when you see someone put a candle in the window. Or, maybe you’ve noticed several houses with a candle in the window when you’re out walking.  If you’ve ever wondered what it means but couldn’t find a definite answer, we’ll try to satiate your curiosity about this practice and tradition.  The …

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Beeswax vs Paraffin: What’s The Better Choice?

The choice of wax can play an important role in decision-making when you’re out buying candles, scented or otherwise. While there are quite a few options available, the traditional wax choices often come down to beeswax vs paraffin.  Both beeswax and paraffin have their individual characteristics, benefits, and negatives. If one fits in one situation …

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How Many Candles Does It Take To Heat A Room?

multiple candles on a large candle stand

Using candles to heat a room may sound like a tempting idea. But does burning candles make a difference? Can the little candle flames generate the same intensity of heat as your other heating appliances? Well, let’s explore and find out how many candles does it take to heat a room and if it is …

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Why Do We Love Candles? What Makes Them Timeless? 

A group of candles

The love and craze for candles is not a recent phenomenon! These have been there for centuries. Scented candles are an improvised version of classic candles. And why do we love candles can’t be defined in a sentence. These have a lot to offer you. And are ceaseless to lose their charm ever. This article …

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Candle Glitter: Can You Put Glitter In Candles?

Candle Glitter - candles with layer of glitter

Thinking about the beautification of your candles, adding glitter seems like a good choice. Adding candle glitter would make the candle appear bright, shiny, and even more delightful. That’s a nice thought, but can you put glitter in candles and is it safe to do so? Well, the good news is, you can put glitter …

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Can You Put Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

Can you put candle wax in a wax warmer - featured image

Enhancing your space with a refreshing scent doesn’t have to be defined by candle burning alone. Wax warmers are a great way to bring a wonderful aroma without lighting a scented candle. A scented candle and wax warmer both work to release the fragrance from wax, but are they compatible? Can you put candle wax …

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Can You Put Out Candles With The Lid?

Can you put out candles with the lid

Blowing out candles is the most obvious way for most of us to extinguish them. But that lets out a smoky wax, which adds a bad smell to the room. Nobody wants that, and certainly not when you’re burning a scented candle. What if you buy a jar candle? Can you put out candles with …

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