20+ Gifts For Candle Makers They Will Love

Finding the perfect gifts for candle makers is more than a way to show that you care. It can also represent encouragement and your support of their hobby and (or) business. 

Countless people make candles as a hobby. Many people also turn their passion for making candles into a business or side hustle and sell these precious creations. Either way, your gift should be something the candle maker can appreciate and love.

To find these ideas, I scoured the internet, spoke with candle makers I know, and where possible, to their spouses or family members, thus trying to find the connection between gift-giving and gift-receiving. I also spoke to some DIYers and people who run small businesses in my circle. 

These conversations were eye-opening in the sense of understanding the experience and the expectations of receiving hobby-based gifts.

Let’s get started with this discussion on the best gifts to get for a candle maker!

Buying The Useful Gift – Give It A Thought Before Buying The ‘Tools Of The Trade’

An oft-repeated idea in gift-giving advice is to “gift something useful.” Well-meaning as the advice is, it doesn’t always result in the best or even useful gifts. 

For example, people who love reading get inundated with books as gifts. Quite a few of these gifts might not even be from the genre they enjoy and actually read. 

Gifting an avid reader A Tale Of Two Cities or the Harry Potter series is probably the furthest you can get from a thoughtful gift.

A similar logic applies when picking the right gifts for candle makers. Randomly picking some candle-making equipment could be counter-productive.

The logic here is simple. As with most hobbyists or professionals, the candle maker will have their preferences. They may prefer to work with a specific type of wax, vendor, or equipment. Or, they might already own specialized equipment that you intend to give them.

At this point, the question to answer is how well you know the receiver of the gift, or their inventory. If it’s someone close like your spouse, siblings, parents, children, or friends, the easiest way is to talk to them.

Being involved in someone’s passion by enthusiastically listening to them is a mark of camaraderie. If you have this type of a relationship with the gift receiver who loves candle making, you probably already have an idea on the next steps they want. 

You’d probably have a fair idea of what they need to buy, upgrade, or improve just by listening to them. 

However, if you’re ready to get a gift related to candle-making, here are some suggestions that will come in handy. While there is no explicit border, I’ll divide these by gifts for those new to candle making and for those who’re veterans of the craft.

Basic Gifts For Someone Who’s Exploring Candle Making

Disclosure: This section contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The product selection is independent of the affiliate status of products presented. 

Before going on to discuss buying gifts for the veteran candle maker, let’s discuss someone new to candle making. That’s simply because the needs of a veteran and newbie candle maker can be entirely different. 

However, encouraging the passion and goals of the newbie, can give them confidence. Besides, the newbie will greatly benefit from knowing that someone they love has their back and supports them. 

Plus, whether they’re dabbling with the idea or just starting to dip their toes into candle making, these gifts can be pretty good picks.

So, here are a few gift ideas worth a look.

Candle Making Kits

A straightforward and professionally crafted candle-making starter kit promises to be helpful for a fledgling candle maker. A well-crafted kit includes everything needed to craft a brand new candle. 

Generally speaking, a kit will include wax, wicks, tumblers, fragrance oils, pouring pitchers, candle containers, detailed instruction manuals, and more, depending on the kit. Basically, a kit will have whatever you need to craft a candle.

Using a kit can help explore interests and even decide if it’s worth pursuing further. Getting a kit can be more useful and cost-effective than purchasing the ingredients individually.

Besides, the biggest advantage remains the presence of detailed instruction manuals and related information. These instructions are very helpful in getting started and understanding what’s expected when crafting a candle.

1. CandleScience Candle Making Starter Kit (Soy Wax)

CandleScience Pro Candle Making Kit

CandleScience Candle Making Starter Kit

Soy wax candle kit

Candlesciene is a well-respected name in the candle crafting space. Their experience and attention to detail shows off well in their inventory, including the candle making kits. 

They include pretty much everything you’ll need to craft a new candle and have detailed instructions on using them. Good quality wax, pitchers, wicks, and other equipment find their way into these kits.

While the kits themselves don’t offer much customization or choice in fragrance oils, you can choose from various available kits to get the one you want.

In a general sense, their offering can be divided into two categories:

  • Candle Making Starter Kits
  • Pro Candle Making Kits

As you can guess, the pro kits are more expensive and include slightly different products like a pouring tumbler made from metal and a glass thermometer. The non-pro kit includes a plastic tumbler and no thermometer.

Both kits utilize Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax and include 8 oz tins to hold candles.

2. SkyMall Candle Making Kit, DIY Set for Making Candles

SkyMall Candle Maker kit

SkyMall Candle Making Kit, DIY Set

Soy wax candle kit

Well. SkyMall is still around! Although rather than pushing magazines at airplane seats, this time, they’re selling products as an ecommerce store. The new management has given up the whimsical and weird offerings of the magazine and takes a more grounded approach based on what people would generally buy.

I suppose a candle making kit fits neatly into that description! SkyMall candle making kit comes with soy wax bags, soy wax dye blocks, fragrance oils, thermometer, wicks, metal melting pot, candle tins, instruction manuals, and a lot more.

3. SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle Making Kit

SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle Making Kit

SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle Making Kit – Full Set

Soy wax candle kit

Though not one of the branded picks, the SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle Making Kit offers incredible value. The kit includes a melting pot, labels, glass jars, tin cans, soy wax, dye blocks, fragrance oils, mixing spoon, and a whole lot more.

There are a lot of things here and completed candles have that nice, professional look. People could even gift the candles they make and use the included gift tags to get things going.

What I dislike about this kit is the presence of dried flowers in the kit. They do look good in candles and can be a good aesthetic choice. 

However, they are a terrible ingredient if anyone intends to light the candle. These dried flowers can catch fire while the candle burns, and may even lead to a candle explosion, especially with glass jars.

It might be best to either remove the dried flowers from the kit, or explain their risk to the candle maker. 

Except for that small problem, everything about this kit is good and remarkable. But most of all, its value is very impressive.

Get Them A Double Boiler

A double boiler is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of a candle maker. You often need to melt the wax and deal with the dyes, fragrance oils, and several other things. A double boiler makes it convenient to handle all of that.

It is a simple enough product. A double boiler is designed in a way that you don’t need to get additional pots or pans to get things working. There are several ways to accomplish a double boiler at home without buying anything, but a specialized item makes things easier.

Double boilers are useful for safely melting the wax and preparing them for further use. A good double boiler will make it easy to pour the molten wax into a mixing jar for further use and changes.

Personally, I prefer a steel construction, though other metals like aluminum will work as well. It’s just that steel is sturdier, better, and easier to work with. It’s also relatively more expensive.

Apart from their use in melting wax, double boilers also work well for melting chocolates, making soaps, and can even be used for many recipes. It’s a very effective and useful gift.

Songzimin Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot Set

Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot Set

Songzimin Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot Set

Made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel

Includes 20 oz and 54 oz boilers/pots

This is a straightforward double boiler made from two stainless steel pots. They’ve also included a silicone spatula here, so it can be useful for several other purposes, including culinary ones.

The pots fit one over the other. Users fill one pot with water, while the other pot goes on top of the water-filled pot. As the water boils over heat from a stove, the vapors rise and heat the stainless steel pot placed at the top. 

The double boiler method uses this heat to melt the wax. This is a safe and convenient way to melt the wax. You want to regulate the temperature, which becomes easy if water vapor does the heating.

Both pots are available in different sizes. The larger pot in this set measures 1600 ml (54 oz), while the smaller one clocks a 600 ml (20 oz) volume.

A Heating Plate To Melt Wax

A heating plate is another convenient way to melt wax. As the name implies, this is an electric appliance. The device has a small flat plate on top, followed by the electric wiring and setup. 

Users can place the wax inside a compatible container on the heating plate. And the device will melt the wax quickly, and safely.

To keep things safe and to prevent the wax from overheating, boiling, or reaching its flash point, the heating plate will usually have a limit to its power. They’re also very likely to have multiple settings for power and heat.

It’s best to start on the lowest setting and see how that works out for you and your choice of wax. Move to higher power settings as you get more familiar and comfortable with the device.

The wax intended for melting should be in a safe metal container (usually steel or aluminum) or something heat-resistant like pyrex glass. 

Don’t fill the container to the brim with wax. In fact, leave plenty of empty space in the container for safe use and convenient handling.

Multifunctional Electric Heating Plate for Melting Wax

Multifunctional Electric Heating Plate

Multifunctional Electric Heating Plate (500W)

Five power settings

Maximum power at 500W

This Multifunctional Electric Heating Plate is simple enough. There’s the heating plate at the top, an indicator light on the side, and a temperature regulator. There are five settings to this regulator, going to a maximum high of 500 W. 

That power setting is more than enough to quickly and easily melt the wax. In fact, you could also use this heating plate for other purposes, including for making tea, coffee, and more.

Fragrance Oil Discovery Kits/New Products

Getting introduced to new fragrances, understanding how they work, and perhaps even mixing some to create their own is a good experience for a new candle maker. 

It’s a great gift that helps widen their horizons, introduce them to more fragrances, and makes it possible to experiment without having to spend a lot. 

So, rather than buying a fragrance and wondering if it’s worth it as a gift, buy a discovery kit. These kits can have several fragrance oils depending on the package and the seller. 

Fragrance Oil Samplers by The Flaming Candle

Fragrance Oil Sampler Packs from TheFlamingCandle

Fragrance Oil Samplers by The Flaming Candle

Wide range of options

Choose from pre-made sets or customize a sampler pack

The wide variety of options available and the reasonable pricing is something to like about the samplers from The Flaming Candle. A conventional sampler pack includes 12 bottles, each with 1 oz of fragrance oil. 

They’ve arranged the samplers very conveniently, characterizing the fragrance by season, occasion, ambiance, activities, and more. They’ll also let you customize your sampler pack, so you can pick exactly what you want and skip their curated selections.

A Professional Onsite Candle-Pouring Experience

You know what’s a great gift for someone you love? Spending quality time together and sharing in their hobbies and interests. 

There are places across the country where you can indulge in the hobby of candle making as a group and a family. These places will let everyone in a group make a customized candle of their own. Generally, patrons can choose the type of wax, the dye, the fragrance, and the container for their candle. 

Depending on the place, you might also get to enjoy some wine or snacks as you hand pour your very own candle.

It promises to be a lovely outing as friends or family, and the budding candle maker will definitely enjoy the experience. You might access the services of a guide to help pour the candle, or let the candle-maker in your group share wisdom on pouring the perfect candle.

It’s a great way to show them that you love them, and like to be engaged with their interest in candle making.

Shared memories and good times are the heart of gift-giving.

If you’re not sure if there’s such a place in your city, you can simply do an internet search for a candlepouring place near you. 

While things can vary, many establishments are prepared to offer the best of experience and fun in candle making. 

Teresa Fitzgerald from Moonshot Studio in San Francisco says “We welcome walk-in customers and private and semi-private group events for up to 30 people. In addition to our retail Studio space, we have an Event Room where groups enjoy food & beverages (brought by them) to enhance their experience and add to a party/special event atmosphere.”

Of course, details and faculties can vary depending on the location you choose. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to call the establishment of choice to check if they’re fit for your needs. 

Also, remember that when you pour candles, you might have to wait for a couple of hours for the wax to solidify. Some stores will want you to pick your own candles once they’re ready, while others may offer to mail them once they’re ready.

Buying Candle Making Gifts For The Veteran Candle Maker

Are you buying a gift for someone who’s been making candles for a while now? Getting candle making supplies to a veteran candle maker can be counterproductive, since they’re already likely to have the things they need. 

Even so, it’s a good idea to ask them if you could get them something, or contribute towards upgrading some equipment. 

If that’s not possible, here are some gift ideas for candle makers that you can consider.

Aprons Are Always In Demand

You know something a candle maker can appreciate? An apron! Working around wax, scent oils, and such, candle makers often see the need for protective clothing like an apron. Besides, there’s always room to use an apron, even if not specifically for candle making!

Bonus points if you choose something customizable, fun, and witty. Getting an apron that hits all these criteria is fairly easy. There are countless options to consider. Aprons aren’t difficult!

You can also consider an apron with pockets. That’s just a layer of added convenience for when the candle maker is at work. 

Here are a few ideas to look at.

1. Personalized Embroidered Apron

Customized Embroidered Aprons by Place4Print

PLACE4PRINT Personalized Embroidered Apron

Choose or add your custom text

Customization is embroidered, not painted

This personalized apron has large pockets, comes with a waist strap, and measures 32×34 inch. But what I really like about this one is that the customization/personalization is embroidered. 

It looks and feels better than fabric paint, lasts longer, and doesn’t need much maintenance. On the downside, embroidery is bound to cost more than paint. From what I’ve observed, there’s roughly a $10 difference between painted and embroidered aprons.

Anyways, coming back to this personalized apron, the embroidery looks clean and the overall effect is pretty good. They allow only 10 characters per line of embroidery (max 3 lines), so choose your words carefully! 

The seller says they intend to make available a choice for printing customized embroidered logos, though I don’t see the choice in the customizer yet. Although, I have to agree, a custom logo with text in embroidery can look really cool!

2. Fitted Apron ‘Awesome Candle Maker’

Awesome Candlemaker Looks LIke Apron

Fitted Apron ‘Awesome Candle Maker’

Fun and humorous text

Well-made apron

Customization is good, but it’s not the only thing to look for! There’s a wealth of fun designs and useful aprons on several online sellers. I like this one for the clean design, typography, and of course, the fact that this apron puts focus on the candle maker.

The text reads “This is what an awesome candle maker looks like.” Now that’s something we can all appreciate in a gift.

3. Get Your Own Customization

Custom Aprons From Zazzle

Custom Apron from Zazzle

Good quality aprons

Customize everything from color, print, and design to your preferences

Have faith in your creative and artistic chops? Well, put them to use!

Websites like Zazzle will let you customize an apron with your own design, words, and preferences. It’s simple, easy, and lets you have full control over the process. Pretty nice!

There’s Always Something To Customize

Though we’ve spoken of aprons specifically, since they’re relevant to the work of a candle maker, there are a lot of things that can get a touch of customization.

Things like stationery, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and phone cases can all be customized to suit the candle maker or their brand. There are several websites like Zazzle (which we’ve already discussed) that will let you achieve this. 

At this point, it’s worth keeping in mind that customizations, though beloved, aren’t the only option for you. Even conventional products that cater to the interest of the gift-receiver will be looked upon favorably.

Get Some Pouring Pitchers

There’s something a candle maker can always use – a pouring pitcher. Many candle makers say that they never have enough pouring pitchers, even when they have a lot of them. 

The general idea is that a lot of candle makers will use any pouring pitchers they can get their hands on. As such, these pitchers are always in demand and always welcome. I usually prefer pitchers with a prominent funnel for easy pouring, but take your pick on what suits your interest.

Heat Gun

Heat guns are a candle maker’s friend. This simple, inexpensive tool often finds use in troubleshooting candle issues or giving them a more professional finish. 

When candle wax solidifies after pouring a candle, it’s very likely that it will have a rough or uneven surface. Some might even show cracks near the wick. These problems are more common with soy wax candles, but they can happen with any type of wax. 

To be clear, those cracks and uneven surface don’t present a problem to the functioning of the candle. However, they are an aesthetic issue. Since candle making is an art and a science, candle makers prefer to clean up aesthetic issues.

The simplest way to achieve that is by using a heat gun on the candle’s surface wax. The heat melts the wax, which quickly solidifies again, but with a cleaner finish and better look.

Heat guns are employed for other uses as well, like fixing sinkholes in candles, heating pouring pitchers, and even for cleanup. 

You don’t need a high-powered industrial-strength heat gun here. That one actually risks burning off the fragrance oil or damaging the wick. The heat gun for candle makers is an entry-level heat gun, suited for crafts, rather than industrial uses. 

If you do use those guns, remember to keep power settings low at 400-600°F range. 

Here are some ideas to look at.

1. Chandler Heat Gun For Crafts

Chandler Heat Gun for Crafts

Chandler Heat Gun For Crafts

Two heat settings

Temperature range from 392°F to 572°F

A simple heat gun that’s great for crafts. The heat gun from Chandler Tools is lightweight, easy to manage, and has a convenient temperature range. It has two heat settings, going from 392°F to 572°F. 

The heat gun has a convenient 5ft cord, and a little stand on its body that will let you keep the gun down for a bit while you work. It can run continuously for 2 hours before needing rest. A pretty good deal, and a thoughtful gift, in my opinion.

2. SEEKONE Heat Gun

Seekone Heat Gun


Multiple temperature settings

Temperature range from 122°F to 1202°F

This is a practical heat gun with a whole range of uses, beyond simply craft. The temperature range here goes all the way from 122°F to 1202°F, so its abilities go all the way from shrinking wrap to stripping paint. 

Rather than the conventional 2 heat settings for the gun, this one gets a dial to hit multiple temperature levels. A veteran candle maker might find the options here useful, even if they go far beyond just handling a candle!

VOC Filters Are Useful

If the candle maker has a fledgling business or loves to pour a lot of candles at the same time, they might find merit in a VOC air filter. We love the scent from a candle, but when you’re pouring dozens of candles and curing them, the smell can get overwhelming. 

That’s where VOC filters come into play. They trap the scent, keeping the candle pouring workshop (and surrounding rooms) bearable and free of overwhelming scents. It’s worth noting that VOC filters aren’t the same as conventional HEPA filters. 

Filters used for VOC air purifiers are designed to capture volatile compounds, while HEPA filters generally focus on particles. Here are a couple of VOC air purifiers you can consider.

1. Cleanforce Extra Large Purifier

CLEANFORCE Extra large Air Purifier

CLEANFORCE Extra Large Air Purifier

Removes VOCs, dust particulates

Covers up to 3000 sq-ft

This large purifier from Cleanforceair can be used to purify air in a large area, including the workshop and the house. It can cover around 3000 sq ft, which is quite impressive. 

This purifier is designed for commercial use and will capture particulates in the air as well as VOCs. It can have a marked effect on the air quality of a room.

2. Blue Pure 211+ Auto

Blue Pure 211+ Auto

Blue Pure 211+ Auto

Removes VOCs, dust particules

Customizable fabric colors

Blue Pure 211+ Auto is a good-looking air purifier. It’s available in several color customization options and has a generally pleasing aesthetic. The purifier includes HEPA and VOC filters, so it will remove any particulates or VOCs from the room.

It’s a good choice, whether for the home or the workshop of a candle maker. 

Electric Wax Melters

The double boiler is a long-respected method for melting wax for making candles. However, there are more convenient and quicker options available. 

Electric wax melters have the favor of many candle makers. These devices are quick to melt wax and usually include spouts to pour it directly. The melters heat the wax to the right temperature and maintain said temperature while the wax is poured. 

Many of these also include options for working with different types of wax, thus adding another dimension of usability. 

So, if you know a candle maker who’s still struggling with the double boiler, gift them a proper electric wax melter.

Note, these electric wax melters for candle making are not the same as wax melters or wax warmers used with wax melts or wax tarts. 

1. Soylite Wax Melter For Candle Making

Soylite Candles Wax Melter for Candle Making

Soylite Candles Wax Melter For Candle Making

Spout for easy pouring

Multiple temperature settings to work with different types of wax

Can hold 14 lb melted wax

Soylite Wax Melter For Candle Making is a big wax melter suitable for someone who’s making a lot of candles. It can hold 14 lbs of melted wax, making the candle pouring process a whole lot quicker and easier.

To make things more convenient, the melter is coated with non-stick material and features a nickel spout. These make cleanup a breeze once you’re done with the batch of wax.

The melter can work with soy wax, paraffin wax, coconut wax, and beeswax. Turning a dial placed on its side lets you choose the preferred temperature. This is also what makes it possible to use this melter with multiple types of wax. 

2. Hearth & Harbor Electric Wax Melter for Candle Making

Hearth & Harbor Electric Wax Melter for Candle Making

Hearth & Harbor Electric Wax Melter for Candle Making

Multiple temperature settings for different types of wax

Holds 16 oz wax

This small but useful candle making wax melter from Hearth & Harbor is also likely to melt hearts! 

The non-stick candle wax melter has controls and a display conveniently placed on its body. Users can choose from four preset temperatures, which are 86°F, 194°F, 257°F, or 275°F. Alternatively, you can set a custom temperature by pressing the temperature up/down buttons.

Given the temperature range and customization options, this melter can work with most wax types. 

The total volume of wax it can work with is 16 oz. Its container is non-stick, but there’s no spout. So, some care will be necessary when using this device.

Sampling Kits

What does everyone want? Sampling kits!

When do we want them, now!

Sampling kits come in a variety of options and every candle maker can appreciate them. At the very least, it gives them something new to try out and work with. 

We’ve already discussed fragrance samplers above, but you can also get wax sampler packs, wick sampler packs, and more. 

Gift Cards And Cash

Here’s something that any gift receiver can appreciate – cold, hard, cash! If you’re not sure what to buy them and giving cash is an option, well, it can be a very welcome choice.

Cash gives the gift receiver freedom to decide what they want to buy (or if they just want to save some money). It’s a simple and flexible option.

Gift cards are another good choice. You can buy the candle maker a gift card for their favorite store or for candle-making supplies. This way, they’ll be able to put money towards their passion and buy things they love. 

The Art Of Thoughtful Gift Giving

Taking care and doing a thoughtful job when giving gifts matters. These gifts can be precious memories and encourage heartfelt moments. But do remember that when you’re giving a gift, it’s only a part of the equation.

As you buy thoughtful gifts for candle makers or candle lovers in your life, remember that they may appreciate best the time you spend with them, or the thought you put into the gift.