How To Light A Backflow Incense Cone? (Video Guide)

Ready to indulge in the visual magic of backflow incense cones? The wonders of these cones are amazing, but lighting them can take some practice if you’re new to incense cones. So, how to light a backflow incense cone?

The method itself is simple enough, though it can take some time to get used to. It can take a few seconds to light a cone. Then, after a wait of a few more seconds, you’ll see the backflow smoke flowing.

The next section has instructions and a video to illustrate the way of lighting backflow incense cones.

Video: How To Light A Backflow Incense Cone

Lighting an incense cone is easy, though it takes a few seconds.

The video above shows all the details of the process. However, here’s a quick guide to the events you see in the video.

There are several ways to light a backflow incense cone. Here’s what I suggest. Start by holding the incense cone at its base, I find that it’s most convenient to hold the cone horizontally. 

Holding it with your hands is okay, but if you’re concerned about the heat or flame, it’s okay to hold the cone with forceps or tongs. 

Now, bring a flame to the cone. This can be a lighter, matchstick, candle, or any other similar source. Let the flame cover the tip of the incense cone and a part of its body. 

Eventually, you’ll notice that the incense cone has caught fire. Let the original flame source stay for about a second, then remove it. 

If the cone has an even fire at this point, much of the work is done. Gently blow air on the incense cone to put out the fire. In many cases, a wave of your hand should be good enough as well. 

As the flame goes out, you’ll notice a glowing red or orange ember on the cone. This is desirable and means that the cone is now alight and will emit scent and smoke.

Now it’s time to place the incense cone on its backflow incense burner. Take some care to check that the tunnel on the cone matches up with the tunnel on the backflow burner.

How To Light Backflow Incense Cones – Step by Step

  • Hold the cone from its base horizontally. It’s okay to hold it with your fingers or forceps.
  • Light a matchstick (or candle, or lighter), and bring the flame to the tip of the incense cone.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the cone catches fire. 
  • Remove the flame.
  • If the cone still has a flame, put it out by gently blowing air, or a quick wave of the hand.
  • It might take a few seconds for the smoke to start flowing out of the hollow (tunnel).
  • Gently place the backflow incense cone on the backflow burner. Ensure that the hollow in the incense cone matches that on the burner.
  • Enjoy!

Should The Incense Be On Fire? No, Put Out The Flames!

Remember, a functioning backflow incense cone isn’t supposed to be on fire. It has embers burning the cone and releasing smoke.

When lighting an incense cone, you might occasionally see a fire on its tip. Gently blowing on the flame will put out the fire. Usually, a wave of a hand close to the flame is enough to put out the flame on the cone.

Being gentle plays a big role in this scenario. We want to the flame to go out, but we don’t want to disturb the structural integrity of the incense cone, or the glowing ember formed at its tip.

Damage to the tip of the cone or to the ember, might cause the incense to burn unevenly. This might even result in there being no backflow smoke.

Putting Out The Incense Cone

In general use, a backflow incense cone will go out by itself as the incense burns out. There is no need to put the cone out yourself. 

However, if there’s an occasion where you would like to put out a cone, the easiest way is to use water! Putting some water on the incense cone is enough to extinguish any embers.

You can pour a few drops of water on the incense to achieve this. Alternatively, lift the cone with forceps or tongs, and dip it in a cup of water. Actually, this is a better method and one with less mess. Although, if you do pick the cone, remember that the incense ash can topple.

Incense embers are very hot. Be mindful and avoid touching them if you choose to lift the incense cone by your hand.

An incense cone that has been lit once cannot be reused. So while pouring water will put out the backflow incense cone, do keep in mind that you can’t use the incense cone again. 

Making The Best Of Backflow Incense

Now that we know how to light a backflow incense cone, it becomes easy to indulge in the visual goodness and fragrance of the incense. Backflow incense cones work as intended only when placed with backflow incense burners. It is the burner that brings the magic and direction to the flowing smoke waterfall that the backflow incense generates.