About Us

The birth of scentgraph is not an overnight thought. It is a conscious attempt resulting from an obsessive desire and an urge to pen down my experience on how adding fragrance mediums to my home gave it a makeover. It’s the scented candles, oil diffuser, and wax warmers that made the difference.

As the name suggests, Scentgraph is all about scents! And a motivating guide on getting you face to face with ways that instill freshness, fragrance, and glamor in your home. 

There is always a fresh start for all of us. For someone who has just started to explore the ways to enhance the ambiance of their home by adding scents, this website has all the answers to their queries. 

Scentgraph loves to talk about home fragrance products like scented candles, essential oil diffusers, incense, wax melts, and other similar options. Aesthetic and fragrant, most of these are amazing options to keep your home and your mind fresh.

There is a sustained demand for such products for aesthetic, practical, and even spiritual reasons. The website discusses these in various articles and provides information and tips on how you can use these products at home to reap their benefits.

All these products bring a wonderful ambiance to the home and are even refreshing to the mind and the soul.

It’s not all about good scents, its also about how you feel and see these options in your home and life. Whether you need a pick-me-up or need to set the mood, the wonderful aromas can be the tool to get things moving.

We present all information objectively with pros and cons wherever necessary.  

All the articles are written by keeping the factual information intact. Much of the information written here comes from years of personal experience and painstaking research undertaken by the websites editors and writers.

Our goal is to share the knowledge, given an outlet to our passion, and to learn more about this fantastic topic and all that it entails.

It really is an exciting world where new ideas and methods are continuous and major developments can happen in mere instants. At scentgraph, we want to be a resource and part of this fabulous journey.

Editorial Policy — How We Choose Our Product Recommendations

Scentgraph is first and foremost intended as a resource. However, we do make use of advertisements and affiliate links to generate revenue. The money thus generated helps buy servers and bandwidth, which keeps our website running. It also helps buy coffee, which keeps our humans running.

Sometimes, when we make product recommendations, we link to the seller website using an affiliate link. If someone purchases an item through an affiliate link, we receive a commission from the seller, but at no extra cost to the buyer.

But, as I noted earlier, scentgraph is first and foremost a resource. So, when we recommend a product, we choose one that’s best to our knowledge and understanding. Whether the product qualifies for commissions is not a consideration.

Additionally, where possible, we try to provide multiple purchase links for products. The idea is to focus on the convenience of the reader.

Criteria For Product Recommendations

The team at scentgraph is very well-versed with various products in the home scents category, which we cover. Between us, we likely have thousands of hours of experience using these products as consumers, or trying to build our own as hobbyists and DIYers.

Therefore, our recommendations are based on our experience with the products and categories included. However, this isn’t a closed system and we also consider additional reviews, customer opinions, and our own experienced with the manufacturer (where applicable).

We combine all of this through our rating system to present recommendations that are most favorable to the reader.

If you look closely, you’ll notice many of our recommendations don’t have affiliate links or other commercial ties to the seller/manufacturer. We walk the talk! What comes first is honesty and valuing the trust you put in us.

Thank you!