What’s The Best Place To Put A Reed Diffuser? Answers And Ideas

Getting a reed diffuser home is a fantastic way to make your set-up pleasant. To get the most out of it, you should consider the best place to put a reed diffuser. 

While setting up a diffuser is as easy as putting the reeds in the fragrance oils, getting the most out of the reed diffuser takes a little bit of thought.

The best place is the one that complements the working mechanism of the reed diffuser. In this article, we’ll consider the spots that work best to get the enchanting fragrance of the reed diffuser flowing through your home.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Place For Your Reed Diffuser

The best place for a reed diffuser in your home is a high-traffic area or room. These locations are the spots in your home that see the most movement or activity. This is inclusive of your foyers, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. 

Your frequent movement in these areas or when you move stuff around helps in circulating scent around. Equally important, since you will be in these areas often, you’ll notice and enjoy the scents from the diffuser.

Choose a room that has moderate air circulation. A slow gentle moving air circulates the scent well. However, stronger air movement, like under a fan or an AC duct can cause the scent to move away too quickly. 

This will give a quick scent dispersion but may not spread uniformly. Besides, such spots will reduce the overall quality and longevity of your reed diffuser

Similarly, avoid keeping a reed diffuser next to an open window. An inward breeze is actually pretty good for a strong scent. However, the air circulation can change and the results could be unpredictable. You could end up with no scent, even as the fragrance oils in the bottle hit the bottom. 

A homemade reed diffuser placed decoratively

Another point to keep in mind is the ambient temperature. Scent throw (the distance the fragrance travels) works better in a warm temperature as compared to a colder one. Fragrance molecules love a warm air current. 

Finally, don’t forget to choose a secure and safe spot for that expensive reed diffuser! 

Reed diffuser bottles are often made of delicate materials like glass. This makes them vulnerable to breakage. 

Keep the diffuser in a location that would be hard to reach, or where it wouldn’t get accidentally toppled over. Take some extra care if you have pets and children around.

So, here’s a generic outline of the places where you could put the reed diffuser:

  • Prefer a high foot-traffic area. Some place that you move from quite a few times in a day.
  • Place it in the room where you spend most of your day.
  • Pick a place with moderate air circulation. It’s not advisable to put your reed diffuser right below a fan or AC duct. 
  • Reed diffusers work better with a warm or moderate temperature.
  • Good humidity in the room also helps the scent to spread better. 

Best Place To Put A Reed Diffuser In Your Home

1. Bedroom: Fill Your Bedroom With A Long Lasting Aroma

place reed diffuser on night stand in the bedroom

Placing a reed diffuser in your bedroom can transform its overall feel. You can place it on a center table, a dresser, or a nightstand. 

A great way to relax or unwind after a long tiring day is to place it near your nightstand or a bedside table. Add 4 to 5 reeds to let it spread to every corner of the room, while you enjoy reading a book, watching television, or doing your work. 

Higher shelves are an ideal place if you have children in the room.

Reed diffusers are available with a wide array of essential oils. A few calming essential oils work wonders in your bedroom as they induce sleep and are stress-busters. Oils like rose or jasmine add to your romantic moments. Lavender and sandalwood are amazing too. 

I suggest you don’t keep your reed diffuser working all night. If you want the reeds to keep diffusing the scent then reduce the number of reeds to two before you lie down. 

Keeping more reeds all night may create a very strong scent and may interfere with your sleep. So, either remove the diffuser or reduce the number of reeds to better manage the scent.

2. Bring Life To Your Living Room With Reed Diffuser

reed diffuser near a plant

Reed diffusers offer a nice twist to your living room. They are trendy enough to blend in with a room’s decor or even add to the overall vibe. 

Put them on a center table or a high shelf. If your living room has decoration stands where you place aesthetic pieces, making a place for a reed diffuser somewhere in the center is a good idea.

Give a fruity scent to your living room with fragrances of green apple, pomegranate, and grapefruit. Even classic fragrances like rose or citronella are good choices. 

3. Can You Put A Reed Diffuser In The Bathroom?

Placing a reed diffuser in a bathroom

A bathroom sounds like an ideal setting for the reed diffuser. Just place the diffuser there and let it get rid of the bad smells and leave the bathroom smelling fresh. A conventional citrus scent or flowery scents are great. 

Place the diffuser on a vanity or windowsill and it will liven up the bathroom.

There are, however, a few considerations when you pick this choice.

A shower and all that steam can dramatically increase the humidity of the bathroom. Normal to slightly high humidity is actually good for diffusers and the air carries the scent better. 

On the other hand, the very high humidity during or after a shower doesn’t bode well for reed diffusers. 

Moisture seeping into the essential oils or the reeds will spoil the diffuser or reduce its effectiveness. On the other hand, if your bathroom doesn’t have to deal with a lot steam and moisture, it can be a great place to put the reed diffuser.

Sure, you could still use a reed diffuser in a bathroom, but it’s not the ideal setting. It might be better to use alternatives like air fresheners, conventional diffusers, or even plug-in oil diffusers.  

 4. Foyers And Entryways: The Most Effective Spots For Reed Diffusers

Reed diffuser placed in a foyer

Did you ever happen to have a nice whiff of a lovely fragrance, the moment you stepped into someone’s foyer at their home? If you did, you know how pleasant and welcoming it feels. 

You too can make a great impression on your guests by placing the reed diffuser in your foyer or entryway. It is indeed one of the best places to put a reed diffuser. 

Put a decorative table near the door and put the reed diffuser on it. If you have a crafted wall shelf in the foyer it is a great spot for the diffuser. 

You can add more reeds and let them stay in for as long as you want. Peppermint and lemongrass essential oils create a welcoming aroma.

Besides, these areas are relatively small, so it’s easier for the scent to disperse and make its presence felt in foyers or entryways. 

5. Give Your Kitchen A Pleasant Fragrance

reed diffuser on a window sill

Your kitchen is a great location to think of putting a reed diffuser. Think of times when you cook certain cuisines and the resultant smell feels unpleasant.

Sometimes the unwashed cutlery emits a foul smell too. Here, something as simple as a reed diffuser can mitigate the odor. 

Reed diffusers are quite flexible in their mechanism. You can control the intensity of scent by simply arranging the number of reeds. 

Slip in 4 to 5 reeds and let it stay till you smell a strong scent, enough to neutralize the odor. And make cooking pleasant. 

Use oils that emit citrus fragrances like those of orange or lemon. These mask the odor and are well suited for the kitchen.

A kitchen island is a perfect place for a reed diffuser. Keep the reed diffuser somewhere in the center of the kitchen island. 

Or, you can place it on a higher shelf. If you don’t have a kitchen island, a good spot on the kitchen counter should be convenient. A window sill is a good place too, or you may want to place it somewhere near the sink, but safely away from any risk of water splashing onto the diffuser.

6. Create A Positive And Energetic Aura At Your Home Office With A Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers work well in a home office

Ever had one of those days when you felt down at work? Or find it difficult to let your wandering thoughts away from your mind. And let you focus on your work. 

Using a reed diffuser with the right blend of essential oils can act as a stress-buster and calm down your work stress.

Place a reed diffuser on your working desk or at a table nearby. You can also try putting it at the entry point near the door. That will set the right ambiance for anyone the moment they step into your office.

Keep Your Reed Diffuser At The Best Place 

Place the reed diffuser at the best place and manage the number of reeds to get the fragrance and ambiance you’ll love. 

Reed diffusers are designed to make your home smell great and offer you the benefits of essential oils. Once you get them home it is entirely in your hands how wisely you use them and make it essential to look for the best place to put a reed diffuser.