How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last And How You Can Give Them A Longer Life

Reed diffusers are fantastic at delivering the right ambiance and fragrance. Yet, as with all good things, reed diffusers will end up dry some day and you’ll need to replace or refill the reed diffuser. So, how long do reed diffusers last, and what can you do to get the most out of them?

Several factors affect the lifespan of the reed diffusers and the scent you get out of them. This article seeks to discuss these variables and offer you insights on how to make your reed diffusers last longer.

How Long Do Essential Oil Diffusers Last? Factors To Consider

Roughly speaking a 100 ml reed diffuser usually lasts up to 3 to 4 months. Meanwhile, a 500 ml diffuser can give the fragrance for almost a year.

However, other factors too have a say in determining the lifespan of your oil diffuser. The primary factors are the fragrance oil and the reeds, but there’s a lot more to it. 

Here you have to consider the reeds, the design of the bottle, and the indoor temperature and humidity. All these factors have a role to play if you want to make your oil diffuser last longer. 

Let’s get a closer look at them.

1. Reeds: The Type, The Number, And the Diameter Matters

Reeds are the life force of oil diffusers. The reed diffuser remains dormant until you slip in the reeds to carry the scent and diffuse it into the air. Therefore, you must choose the reeds wisely out of the available options. 

Rattan reeds are the most popular diffuser sticks and deliver good results. These sticks are carved out of a special wood called rattan palm. 

A tiny and thin tube-like structure on this wood and thus, rattan reeds, runs through their entire length. 

Through a scientific process called capillary action, these tubes suck the oil and pull it towards the top. Once in the open, the small volume of oil diffuses into the air, giving off its scent. 

Top view of reed diffuser

These sticks come with the advantage of having a steady movement of oil. Well, it’s not that your bottle runs dry on the very first day. Rattan reeds give a consistent scent throw. This gradual evaporation of oil maintains the longevity of reeds too, making them resistant to clogging.

Bamboo is another material for making reeds. Though bamboo reeds aren’t as good at the job as rattan reeds. Bamboo has nodes instead of the tube-like structure of rattan reeds. When you submerge them in the diffuser they do soak the oil and carry it to the surface. Ultimately though, their scent diffusion isn’t steady or reliable.

Synthetic fiber reeds are the next of its type that you may be interested in. These artificially made reeds are designed like your rattan or bamboo reeds. 

When you immerse them in the diffuser, you get a very strong hit and can notice a fast scent diffusion. This can often make your oil diffuser bottle end up too quickly. While synthetic fiber reeds aren’t as effective as rattan reeds, they are cheaper.

Number of Diffuser Sticks Their Diameter Determines How Long The Diffuser Lasts

The number of reeds you use in a diffuser influences its lifespan. We want our reed diffuser to throw a scent throw that envelops the air around. And adding more reeds to it results in an intense aroma. 

The downside is the more reeds you use, the faster the oil dries up because the quantity of the oil soaked up and evaporated increases. 

Ideally using around 4 reeds strikes the right balance between lifespan and scent intensity or scent throw. 

While buying the diffuser sticks, also consider the diameter of the reeds. Usually, you get the reed in diameters of 2.75mm, 3mm, and 3.25mm. 

As with the number of reeds, the diameter also affects the pace of evaporation of the oil. The wider the reeds, the more oil they soak up and diffuse the scent. And if you insert more reeds with a wider diameter the reed diffuser won’t last long. 

2. Check The Mouth Of The Reed Diffuser Bottle

Essential oils or fragrance oils tend to evaporate if you expose them to air. That’s why you get them in carefully sealed bottles. They’re often sealed so well, that many people feel stuck when opening a reed diffuser

Reed diffuser with plant

When you use a reed diffuser with a wide mouth and slip in the reeds, there is plenty of space for the oil to come in direct contact with the air and evaporate. This will reduce the lifespan of the reed diffuser and it will also interfere with the diffuser’s normal working.

A diffuser vessel with a small opening also prevents dust and moisture from seeping inside the bottle. No dust means better performance of the oil and reduced chances of the reeds clogging.

3. Reed Diffusers With High-Quality Oils Last Longer

As with most things in life, high-quality products fare better in reed diffusers as compared to lower-quality or overly budget-conscious options. There are plenty of ways to send fragrance through the reeds, it’s just that some ways work better than others.

High-quality reed diffuser oils are usually lighter. This setup sees fragrance or essential oils mixed with high-quality carrier oils. This role is usually fulfilled by almond oil or safflower oil. Essential oils are added to this mix, creating the perfect combo of fragrance and practical use.

On the other hand, cheaper fragrance oils mixed with heavy carrier oils spell trouble for the reed diffuser. 

They might initially provide a robust scent and a high rate of evaporation for the oil. However, the unsuitable oils will eventually clog the reeds, cutting the life of the diffuser short.

4. Your Reed Diffuser Demands Care And Maintenance 

Reed diffusers are delicate devices so are the accessories with them. Reeds need care or they may not perform the function efficiently. Keep these points in mind when handling reed diffusers:

  • Handle the bottle and diffuser with care. 
  • Keep the reed diffuser on a stable and flat surface.
  • Recap the bottle when not in use. This prevents the dust from settling into the bottle and preserves the scent.
  • When not in use, keep the reeds on a clean surface, away from dust.
  • Keep reed diffusers away from direct sunlight and beyond the reach of children.

5. Indoor Environment: Humidity And Air Circulation

Local environment factors like humidity and air circulation in the room affect the reed diffuser and its lifespan.

Ambient temperature affects the humidity levels as well. When the temperature is low and it is quite cold, the air gets dry. Contrary to this, warmer air can hold more moisture. 

As we know, the air is pretty dry in winters, even if it snows or rains. Meanwhile, in summers, things can get pretty humid after rain.

Reed diffuser with rattan reed sticks

A reed diffuser generally functions well in a room that doesn’t have very dry indoor air. But it has a warm temperature. 

It functions remarkably well in humid seasons like summer or the rainy season. Air that is loaded with high moisture content holds the scent for longer and can spread it to every corner of your room. 

You should always keep your reed diffuser away from strong air currents. Like under the fan or near a window that has a direct airflow. As these can speed up the oil to dry out fast. Also, the unusually quick scent diffusion may not feel pleasant. 

These are some of the known observed factors that contribute to the lifespan of the reed diffuser. Reed diffuser is an amazing device that is expensive yet great in its result. And when you get them do check out the points discussed above and make your reed diffuser last longer. These variables can fairly guide you into having a fair estimate of how long do reed diffusers last. 

How To Make Reed Diffuser Last Longer? Tips And The Hacks

Reed diffusers are amazing contraptions that are surprisingly easy to use. All you need to do is to slip the reeds into the diffuser and it gets to work! 

Convenient as its working is, we can use a few ideas to get the most out of your reed diffuser. Knowing how to make reed diffusers last longer can be as simple as following these tips.

  • Prefer diffusers with higher-quality reeds and fragrance oil.
  • See that the diffuser bottle has a narrow opening.
  • Rattan reeds work better than bamboo reads or synthetic fiber reeds.
  • Start with immersing only a couple of reeds. Increase the number if you want a stronger scent.
  • Flip the reeds once or twice a week to keep the oil wicking up.
  • Put the reed diffuser in a place that doesn’t have strong air movement (don’t place it under a fan).
  • Recap the diffuser properly when it’s not in use.
  • Check occasionally if the reeds are okay and if the diffuser needs a refill.
  • Store extra reeds in a closed pouch.

A quality reed diffuser will usually have dependable fragrance oils and reeds, so it won’t need too much work. Once you know the tips to prolong the life of a reed diffuser, you can drench in its fragrance for long. 

Knowing how to make reed diffuser last longer doesn’t require much of your effort and time. You can enhance its endurance by simply following a few important points discussed in the article.

Enjoy Your Reed Diffuser For A Long Time

Your home is your comfort zone and it should always smell good. Essential oil reed diffusers are a great way to create the perfect scented ambiance for your home. 

It’s easy to set up and free from safety hazards. A reed diffuser is amongst the best ways to extract the benefits of essential oil. 

How long reed diffusers last depends upon the size of the diffuser bottle. The second major factor in this regard is the quality of reeds and their width. 

Other factors like the quality of the diffuser oil, ambient temperature, humidity, and airflow also play a role in the life and longevity of a reed diffuser.