Stuck? Here’s How To Open Reed Diffuser Bottle

Scent diffusers are a convenient and disarray-free way that provide many benefits of essential oils. Reed diffusers are a very popular type and quite handy. Most reed diffusers come either with a cork on the top or a screw plastic top. 

Generally speaking, reed diffusers are a breeze to set up and you can place them anywhere you prefer. Sometimes, there might be a hitch as you find the bottle topper is stuck!

Knowing how to open reed diffuser bottle without damaging it (or the lid) will make things easier for you. The way reed diffusers work, you will need to keep the lid and the bottle undamaged. 

And of course, there is no need to damage your teeth by using them to open the bottle, when there are simple alternatives to do it.

4 Hacks To Open Fragrance Oil Bottles With A Cork Lid

So, it’s time to open the fragrance oil bottle of the reed diffuser, but its top or lid just won’t come out. Some people try to use their teeth or a sharp, pointed knife to open the bottle. There is no need to take these potentially dangerous routes.

Here are some hacks and tips on how to open reed diffuser bottle.

essential oils bottle with cork lid

Use A Corkscrew To Remove The Cork Lid From A Reed Diffuser

Corks are sometimes inserted too tight into the fragrance bottle and it can be a challenge to remove them. In such a case, you can use a corkscrew to open the bottle, much like a wine bottle.

First, hold the bottle securely in place and twist the corkscrew on the top. You may have to joggle and exert pressure, but if you’ve opened a wine bottle before, you know the drill. Once you’re ready, pull out the cork from the bottle.

Run The Bottle Under Hot Water

Using hot water is a simple way to open the bottle. Run hot water on the bottle for around 30 seconds. Hold it at an angle so that the neck of the bottle is under the water, but the cork remains dry. 

As the bottle gets hot, it should expand a bit and loosen its grip on the cork. Once it’s hot enough, you can pull out the cork relatively easily. When using this method, remember to protect your hands so they remain safe from the hot water.

Put A Screw Into The Cork

Use a screwdriver to push a screw into the center of the cork. You could use an electric or powered screwdriver as well, but remember to keep it at low power or at what seems safe. Some people suggest using a drill, and that might work, but I think that’s going overboard. Using power tools to open a bottle seems unsafe. 

Anyways, when placing the screw, remember not to push it all the way into the cork. About half-an-inch of the screw should stay sticking out of the cork. At this point, grab hold of the screw with a claw hammer or a similar tool and pull it out. The screw will pull the cork along.

Since you’re working with tools here, remember safety guidelines and don’t risk injury. Keep the fragrance oil bottle secured, so it doesn’t move about. There’s a good chance this is a glass bottle, so avoid exposing it to pressure or bangs from the tools.

Wrap The Reed Diffuser Bottle In A Thick Towel

Get a towel and wrap it around the base of the bottle. Hit the towel-padded base of the bottle on a hard surface a few times. While you will have to use some power here, it is very important to keep safety in mind. Remember not to hit the bottle so hard it shatters. 

Each bang on the surface will move the cork, even if slightly. After a few hits you should be able to remove the cork. 

How To Open Reed Diffuser Bottle With Plastic Or Rubber Lid: 5 Ideas To Make It Happen

Reed Diffuser Bottle

1. Your Kitchen Metal Spoon Can Work Out Your Problem

A metal spoon is a good way to open a bottle and much safer than using a knife. 

Hold the spoon firmly and keep the tip of the spoon under the edge of the plastic cap. Now turn the spoon side to side while applying pressure. This should help to wedge the spoon under the cap. 

Use a couple of slow, deliberate twists to loosen the lid from the bottle.

2. Using A Knife To Pry Open A Plastic Lid

Using a knife works the same way as the metal spoon method. Remember to use a good, non-serrated knife as it will be easier to manage.

I will recommend you try working with a spoon first, as that’s way safer than using a sharp knife as a wedge.

3. A Corkscrew Might Work Here Too

It is possible to use a corkscrew to cut through the plastic lid and pull it out. It works, but I’m not a fan of this method for plastic lids. This will damage the lid beyond repair and considerably affect the life cycle of the reed diffuser. 

Without a lid to secure the fragrance oils, they will continue to slowly evaporate even if you pull the reeds out. While we do love the lovely scents, this result may not always be desirable. 

As an alternative, you could try to replace the damaged lid with a different lid that fits the size. Or, try to cover it with something else to slow down or prevent the evaporation of the oils.

4. Needle Nose Pliers May Help

This can be another option that you can think of to pull out the plastic lid. It takes some strength as you have to force the stuck lid out. Hold the bottle in one hand and the pliers in the other hand. Place the long tempered jaws on the edges of the cork tightly and give it a few twists. 

5. Use Goo Gone To Loosen The Grip Of The Lid

Goo Gone is a brand that has earned a brand value for removing the toughest and stickiest of stains. You can use it to open plastic lids as well. Spray Goo Gone on the plastic top and wait for a few seconds to let it settle over well. Hold the bottle tight and jiggle the lid with a dry cloth.

Know The Right Way To Immerse Reeds In Bottle

The reeds are functional in diffusing the scent along its entire length by simply absorbing the oil in the diffuser bottle. Therefore, follow these few tips that make the reed make the scent more apparent in your home:

  • Take the reeds out of the package.
  • Immerse the reeds in the bottle in a fanned-out arrangement.
  • For stronger aroma, immerse 5 sticks.
  • If you want a mild effect of oils, limit the sticks to 3.
  • Swirl the bottle when the scent seems to fade out.
  • Flip the edges of the reeds in the bottle after a few hours for a consistent aroma.
  • Take the reeds out and store them in a clean packet in a dark place for the next time use.

Essential oils are vulnerable to losing their scent and essence if you do not store them in an air-tight bottle. If the bottle has a stopper, be sure to insert it well to create an airtight lid.

Invigorate Your Space With Fragrance Diffuser But Do Open The Bottle Carefully!

Reed diffuser bottles are often closed tight during packaging to protect the essential oils. This can lead to some problems when you try to open them for the first time. Opening a bottle usually takes just a few seconds. However, if the stopper gets stuck, you might have to improvise a bit. Knowing a few hacks on how to open reed diffuser bottles will make things a lot easier.