Is Yankee Candles Going Out Of Business?

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Even though Yankee Candles enjoys a sizable piece of the scented candles market, there have been consistent rumors or fears relating to the health of the company. So, is Yankee Candles going out of business? There is no reason to believe in this rumor. The company enjoys a healthy business and is here to stay. …

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Are Yankee Candles Toxic Or Bad For You?

Are Yankee Candles Toxic - represetnation image with three lit candles

Yankee Candles is amongst the best-known candle brands in the USA. They are generally considered high-quality and well-made candles. However, some rumors persist, especially related to the use of these candles. So, are Yankee candles toxic? And how do they affect your health or that of your pets? Well, the simple answer is that Yankee …

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